DJ Babbidge

Since 1996 DJ Babbidge has worked his versitile style for dance companies , private party’s, clubs, bars, lounges, fashion shows, weddings and many other events.

Musical Influences

Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, Gene Ammons, John Coltrane, Rakim, Mos Def, The Roots, De La Soul, Pharoe Monch, Outkast, Beastie Boys, A Tribe Called Quest, Goodie Mob, Jurassic 5 Bob Marley,Gregory Isaacs,Toots and The Maytals, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Prince, Michael Jackson, Chaka Kan, James Brown, Beck, Cut Chemist, DJ Shadow, Latyrx, Tito Puente, Fela Kuti, White Stripes, Led Zepplin, David Byrne, Janes Addiction, Kenny Dope Gonzales, Mark Farina, Richie Hawton, My Mom, My Dad, and the list goes on…..

Questions from the DJ

1. How much sound equipment do I need for your event ? microphones, PA’S etc…
2. Where is your event located ?
3. What does the timeline of your event look look like ?



“We cannot thank DJ Babbidge enough for his incredible services at our wedding.  It was such a pleasure to work with him as he is a true master of his craft.  We can perhaps best sum up his services by telling you that in the days after our wedding we have had countless friends tell us specifically how awesome our DJ was.  DJ Babbidge worked with us and was a great listener who collaborated with us throughout the wedding planning process.  From cocktail hour, to the dinner, to the dance floor the music moved effortlessly and helped shape the perfect night.  Thanks to DJ Babbidge I can say that people really got down and had a great time dancing the night away.  At the end of the night, he went above and beyond the call of duty and gave a ride back to the hotel to my parents.  We would highly recommend DJ Babbidge to anyone looking to throw an awesome event.  -Jessica and Dave 8/17/13″


September 2012, Mark Hopkins Hotel “Our wedding was Russian-Uzbek-American. We wanted to get an eclectic playlist of some of our Russian favorites mixed with the music that our American friends would recognize. Josh was extremely accommodating, patiently going through the MP3s that we sent him and trying to understand what is the mood and the style that we were going for. But he really surpassed any expectations on the dancefloor. He played all records as if they were his for years. The set was smooth, energetic, interesting and the songs that I’ve known for years had a new life. DJ Babbidge was easily one of the main reasons for our wedding being amazing. Most friends would thank us for a great wedding and mention, “oh, and your DJ was awesome.”
-Greg and Nav

Josh was spot on… with every track… the entire night. He read the crowd perfectly and put out an incredibly comfortable vibe for guests of all ages. We gave him a skeleton playlist map, and he went above and beyond, far exceeding our expectations. We have never seen so many people on the dance floor at once, and never expected so many guests to ask us for a copy of our wedding “soundtrack.” Josh is more than a DJ — he sets the tempo for the whole night.
- Davin and Courtney, August 2012

“DJ Babbidge rocked our wedding better than we ever could have expected. His sense for the crowd, the moment, the timing of songs… impeccable. His ability to extend songs that are really playing well in order to keep a slammin dance off going was exactly what we needed. When we met with Josh he said ‘Give me a list of songs to play and a list of songs to not play, and I can fill in the rest. You should know that I don’t own the Macarena, The Electric Slide or The Chicken Dance, and I don’t ever plan to.” That was perfect. We had a quick chat about types of music and what we’re into and what we aren’t, but he was so on the ball. He played the songs you NEED to hear at a wedding, but didn’t fall into the trap of just trotting out all the cliche wedding tunes. We also had some tricky, time sensitive A/V swapping that had to happen, and he was all over it. He got on the mic exactly when he had to, but only when he had to. Josh killed it. If I had a soundtrack to my life, I’d want DJ Babbidge laying down the tracks.”
Johah Eidus, August 2012


When looking for a DJ for our wedding, we knew exactly what we wanted and our expectations were definitely met with Dj Babbidge. I found Josh on “The Knot” website and his reviews said it all. We wanted a DJ who played great music, and would have everyone on the dance floor. That’s exactly what we got. It was definitely the most easy & organized vendor relationship during the wedding process. We met with Josh before hand to get a feel for him and see what kind of music he liked to play, and we were sold. He is so friendly, easy to get along with, great personality & down to earth; exactly the kind of people we surround ourselves with to begin with. We had some special song requests for the big day, and it was no problem. No questions asked, he just delivered. Everything was just so easy with Josh. I would 100% recommend him to anyone who wants a smooth, successful & FUN evening with everyone on the dance floor.
Katy Chanana June 2012

“Babbidge is my first choice as a DJ to work with hands down. He has worked with us on several of our Bow & Sparrow and Cirque Noir shows- running lights and sound. He is reliable, professional, has great equipment, an awesome record collection, & has an innate ability to tune into our musical and atmospheric needs. It is always a good sign when our audience is trying to track him down to figure out what he is playing! This guy is good.”
~ Alayna Stroud

Joshua “DJ Babbidge” Babbidge was the perfect DJ for our wedding. My fiancé and I made it a practice to engage vendors who were (1) people we would want to be friends with (because who wants to be surrounded by people they don’t like on their wedding day?) and (2) people who love what they do; Josh certainly met both of those criteria. It was clear from our first meeting that Josh loves music and loves getting those around him to love the music he plays. So many DJ’s come into events with their laptops in tow, index fingers primed to hit play on their pre-determined playlists, never an upward glance to see how their audience may be reacting (or worse, not reacting) to their choices. Josh is a purist, bringing actual vinyl records to mix and remix as the situation dictates.

For our big night, he was able to respond to what our guests responded to, packing the dance floor before the final piece of cake was swallowed, keeping us dancing until the night came to its end. He played songs we wanted to hear and mixed them seamlessly. Throughout the evening he was only on the mic when we had asked him to be, making only a handful of announcements as the reception progressed, never making a spectacle of himself like so many self-proclaimed all-in-one emcees do. We are proud to say that a real DJ played our wedding and would recommend DJ Babbidge wholeheartedly to anyone and everyone!

Leah Macatangay