DJ Babbidge

When DJ Babbidge arrived in San Francisco in 1996 he found himself at the epicenter of one of the freshest hip-hop, dance, trip-hop, and breakbeat scenes in the world.

In his first job at Great American Music Hall, he listened to live music of every imaginable genre five nights a week. By day, he wore out the soles of his shoes pounding the San Francisco pavement in search of the perfect piece of wax to excite minds, ears, and bodies. Known amongst friends as a passionate music geek and record collector, it was not until he was asked to play an event at his local bar that Dj Babbidge grew his party-rocking wings. Soon, everyone was telling Dj Babbidge that he was a Dj and a career was born.

Coming from a family of musicians and artists, Dj Babbidge was quick to absorb the technical aspects of deejaying. More than just beat matching, his interest in rhythm, count and song structure allows him to create a continuous funky vibe in his sets that distinguishes him from the rest. Anywhere music needs to be played you will find him. He is just as at ease setting up shop under an abandoned overpass for an impromptu renegade electronic music party as he is playing for martini sipping socialites or your grandmother’s 60th birthday party. In any setting, he possess a rare gift for feeling out a crowd, steering them to the dance floor, and sharing his love of infectious grooves.

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